Abstract. Modern education cannot be imagined without information technology support. Information technology covers all its
stages and spheres, from school to university.
Modern and popular scientific and pedagogical discipline — museum pedagogy actively uses the potential of electronic reference
resources. One of the urgent problems of museum pedagogy is
the analysis and use of foreign museum experience. For specialists in the field of museum pedagogy and museology it is very
important to know the substantive foundations of the design and
use of museum Internet resources.
As an example of work on the study of museum sites, we selected several sites of French museums of military historical orientation and analyzed them according to some criteria. These are
“the Museum and Archaeological Park of Alesia”, “the Maginot
Line Museum” and “the Verdun Memorial Museum”, “The Museum of Normandy” and «Museum Memoirs 39-45». Criteria for
analysis and comparison: the purpose of creating the site, the
problem of selecting material (content), interactivity and design,
the presence of a school page.
Studying the contents of museum sites allows us to draw conclusions about their information content and usefulness to visitors.
Comparison of sites makes it possible to identify their strengths
and weaknesses. The advantages include a large amount of historical material, information for visitors, the presence of a school
page, interactivity and design. Disadvantages — this is a template
design (small text of the same type, lack of photos and videos),
which will be one of the first repelling factors for visitors, as
well as the lack of feedback. It is important to note that the museum’s website must be constantly updated to provide visitors
with relevant information.
So, working with sites of foreign museums can be useful in the
study of museum pedagogy. Site analysis allows you to simultaneously study the French languageand get acquainted with the
experience of organizing museum work in France in order to use
its advantages in domestic practice.
Keywords: museum pedagogy, museum sites, museum

Anastasia I. Sergeeva¹, Irina K. Barinova²
¹Moscow State Pedagogical University
Moscow, Russia
²Institute of foreign languages
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
Moscow, Russia

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